We are an innovative company in the service of rock fragmentation and technical demolition in concrete in a sustainable and clean way, with a solid team, composed by experienced professionals dedicated to sectors such as demolition, excavation, management of Controlled waste and blasting with more than 25 years of experience.

From 2013 we began to experience the technology of rock and concrete fragmenters P2 type, reaching to accumulate technical data and experience in its use for different applications and in different sectors.

During its evolution and development we have experienced, tested and analyzed in laboratory, different compositions and products to optimize its different applications, its management and above all its safety, which finally increases the reliability and the performance in Different fields in which there is an increasing demand for environmental impact and sensitivity to vibrations or projections.


Certified Professionals P2 Expert Card, issued by the Ministry of Industry, able to face any challenge and constantly evolving this technology,

Guaranteeing safety, sustainability, precision and technology in all our works of rock breaking or technical demolition in concrete.

A way of working open, honest and with the highest level of ethics and integrity when it comes to executing a job is what we provide and guarantee.

Excavación de roca sin vibraciones