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 C.I.F.: B40533010, inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Valencia en el tomo 10578, folio 57, inscripción 1 con hoja V-184674

The alternative to explosive, expansive cement or machinery.
Without complicated procedures for the client, without special permissions, without special supervision, without ADR transport, without sound or environmental impact.

We take care of everything
  • Demolition of concrete foundations

  • Opening of shoes for bridges or large infrastructures

  • Opening of shoes for electric towers, wind turbines,...

  • Sockets

  • Slopes

  • Rock Excavations

  • Concrete Demolition 

  • Rock break in trenches or pits

  • Underground works

  • Maritime and fluvial works

  • Opening of holes in thick concrete walls

  • Ventilation tunnels

  • Secondary blasting

  • Unblocking in rivers and ravines

  • Unclogging Pathways and channels

  • Pipe unclogging

  • Demolition and underwater fragmentation

  • Rock fragmentation in parks or gardens



Corte y rotura de hormigón y Fragmentación de roca