The company Pervolgal has through its founding partner an experience of almost 20 years in drilling and blasting, focused on the Spanish northwest, but with the possibility of action throughout the state.

For technical advice, it has the experience of the consultancy GEATEK Ingeniería, with almost 15 years of experience in the field of mining and blasting in civil works.

Pervolgal possesses drilling machinery in property, with a great versatility, that allows the execution of perforations between 33mm and 89mm, both in rugged and steep areas, as in urban areas, through the sturdy perforator with tracked train. Ingersoll-Rand 660, or by means of the small and flexible Takeuchi TB070 mounted on rubber tracks.

This machinery and the material, technical and human equipment that Pervolgal has at its disposal are perfect for the execution of small perforations for the use of pyrotechnic material, where the use of conventional explosive does not It is appropriate or feasible.

Fractura de roca con plasma